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Beeswax Buddha
I have been making and selling beeswax candles, ornaments, and lip balm since 2009. For 2018, I will be selling exclusively through the Marquette Food Co-op and at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market in Marquette, Michigan. (I will be at the market December 15, the last of the season.) Both the Co-op and the farmers market have supported my business from the start. This year at the farmers market I introduced candles made of bayberry wax.

Bayberry wax
For several years I had an Etsy shop, but it has been on vacation since August 2017. At this point, I do not expect it to reopen. I enjoyed the online sales experience I had with Etsy and the many great customers I gained through that exposure, but, having pulled back from sales in general in late 2017 in order to re-evaluate my business, I discover I am happier with a smaller, more focused online presence (which explains why I am not on social media).

I buy beeswax cappings in bulk directly from beekeepers, lately a fellow in Iowa. For the most part, I leave the wax in its natural state, adding nothing and removing very little. I do add ground cinnamon to some candles for the coloring. It also adds a bit of cinnamon scent to beeswax's natural honey scent, and there is no noticeable affect on the manner in which the candle burns. I use cotton wicking and make all candles at home, in molds.
Cinnamon beeswax bear and beeswax bear

Over the winter of 2017-2018 I began reading and writing about candles and wax (see The WAX Series listed on the sidebar). It is interesting what one learns by studying a specific thing, such as beeswax, in its broader context, such as all waxes and the chemistry behind a candle flame, any candle flame, any flame. It puts your interest in context, which is where all things should be. Through this study, my appreciation for beeswax has grown not because I learned that other waxes are inferior or toxic, but just the opposite. I learned that all waxes are very similar but they each do have their own story and their own chemical make-up. So this, too, changed my perception of how I should be selling candles. Marketing tends to convolute things, create its own story, and often makes things into something they are not. As of this writing, the WAX posts are being rewritten and expanded into something akin to a book. The process unfolds at a new site, for now called Wax ., or

Production table

For many years I loosely maintained the following list of links that all have to do with beeswax in some way or another. I rarely check it now or add to it, but maybe you will find something of interest there. Any comments or questions, please email me at

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