Not on Social Media

I have been receiving Cal Newport’s blog posts by email for a few years now, ever since a friend with whom I have shared my struggles with social media referred me to his site. I have never been able to fully embrace or stick with social media, I imagine for a variety of reasons, and Newport's thoughts and takes on the matter appeal to me. He is a computer science professor who lives and works without social media and who encourages others to try the same. Reading his posts is informative and helps me to feel less of an outsider on this subject.

I particularly enjoyed Newport’s post of March 25, 2018: Beyond #DeleteFacebook: More Thoughts on Embracing the Social Internet Over Social Media. The social internet makes more sense to me, and his Approach #2: Own Your Own Domain is exactly where I have always felt more comfortable—more truly sociable. Right here on Blogger. Every once in a while I do wonder why the hell I do this, beyond the fact that I enjoy it so, and then I’ll get a little direct support from a reader (my email address is always on the sidebar, way down in the copyright section) or, like today, indirect support from a computer science professor. To quote Newport:
In other words, acquire your own damn digital land on which you can do whatever you want without anyone else trying to exploit you or influence your behavior.
And in return, dear reader or passer-by, whoever you are, I won’t exploit or try to influence you.