Thursday, November 14, 2019

another nice thing

While preparing dinner, the doorbell rang. Egad. Not another candidate for the city commission. No, couldn’t be, that election is over. Then, who? Disgruntled, I opened the door. A Girl Scout handed me a brown paper bag. Chocolates! I thanked her. As she was turning away, she looked back and said, “Oh. There’s seven dollars in the bag because you overpaid.”

I don’t remember when it was I ordered these chocolates, but I do remember that when this same Girl Scout came to the door back then, ringing the bell, it was news to me that the Girl Scouts sold chocolates. I looked at the brochure she handed me and placed my order, paid for it, overpaying, perhaps, in more ways than one because certainly you can buy chocolates for less. But the beauty of this transaction—

I like chocolate, and out of the blue one day someone is at my door offering me the opportunity to buy chocolate while sitting on the glider of my own front porch. I get direct, knowledgeable advice on which varieties are the most popular. There is no pressure. There are no special deals. I’m not exhorted to “like” anyone or anything on social media. Absolutely no rigmarole. I order chocolate mints, chocolates with caramel, chocolates with peanut butter. The order will not arrive for a month or so, not until sometime in November, but imagine! At some unexpected moment during that most dreary time of year ’twixt Halloween and Thanksgiving, long after this time on the porch has been forgotten, the doorbell will ring (will I be peeved?) and maybe it will be unseasonably cold with a bitter and relentless wind and dark, of course, and snow and ice and who knows, maybe I’ll even be struggling with a never-ending cold, a virus, and oh! what a nice surprise it will be to open the door to find someone handing me a bag of chocolates! Along with a five and two ones, because I overpaid.

Outtake, Daily Walks with Jo, November 13.
South Beach.

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