Sunday, May 19, 2019

weax: now in print

Weax: A Relatively Short, Non-linear History of Wax, Volume One, which involves bees, whales, mummies, mutton birds, very old books, Pilgrims, nuns, a search for truth, outlaws, chemists, soy nuts, Ishmael, the Chihuahuan Desert, soot, smoke, grammar, and arsenic, is in production, being printed and bound at home. Copies will be available for purchase at the farmers market beginning Saturday, May 25, but perhaps not on those particularly rainy or windy days we tend to have, unless I keep it under the table. It is also listed on Etsy (click here).

Particulars include:
Pages: 70
Reference pages: 7
Images: Several
Size: 8 x 11 inches
Printed: HP Laserjet, b&w
Fonts: IM FELL English PRO, Constantia
Cover: Wax-coated paper, hand-colored
Binding: Stitched by hand, waxed thread
Price: $28

This project represents, I suppose, a classic labor of love.

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