Sunday, December 2, 2018

circle walk

Last Sunday we headed out and it was milder than I expected and I had the camera with me so if you are wondering what kind of walk you can take starting from South Marquette with a little dog in tow (or vice versa), here we go.

Just a few blocks from home, heading for the intersection with the stoplight so we can cross U.S. 41 safely and walk along the lake.

On the Iron Ore Heritage Trail, looking back across the highway.

There’s Lake Superior.

I cropped together three pictures, which maybe wasn’t the best idea, but there’s the old ore dock on the left and the power plant on the right.

Back on the trail, we cross over a creek.

We meet a snowman.

Ahead, we see developments: a hotel and a luxury apartment building. To our left (and what you can’t see) are new townhomes. Jutting out into the lake is the ore dock.

An old mysterious building.

We could have stopped for fresh fish, but it being Sunday, I guess not.

We turned left, hiked up a block, were downtown.

We walked a long block past stores and stuff and turned left, hiked down a skip and a jump, were at The Commons, where the farmers market is.

Jiminy, are we going up again? As we pass the court house.

Via a bridge we cross over the highway to get back to the neighborhood and luckily this bridge does not scare Josie or me. These are the houses the backs of which we saw earlier, from across the highway. At least one of them is a Sears house built a hundred or so years ago. I am guessing this neighborhood is rife with homes from Sears.

We turn right, are on my street, stop to take a picture.

We did not spit on the sidewalk.

And then we were home.

Saturday, yesterday, we took the same walk but in reverse. The only thing of note was the big, long boat alongside the power plant.

When on the Iron Ore Heritage Trail, it seems appropriate to see one of these boats that hauls raw materials such as iron ore or coal across the Great Lakes.

This boat seemed particularly long.

Seen from the mouth of the creek.

Is the whole world tilted or am I?

The circle walk is Blemhuber → Champion → Genesee → Iron Ore Heritage Trail → Washington → Third → Fisher → Champion → Blemhuber. And/or vice versa.

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