Wednesday, October 3, 2018

back to the river

There is nothing quite so beautiful as a cool and cloudy autumn day with a slight mist rising.

A picture of two-legged Josie is rare.

Fact is, I love the colors and textures of autumn. I love the diminishment of light. I love the curling of edges.

Down by the river, there is much to see. It feels like a private world with a constant, ongoing existence, no need for that which is beyond—no need for me—and I would say a self-contained world but it is not contained, it has no borders, no gates, no walls, no dams, there is nothing to stop it from flowing on and on and blowing and going as far as it can, as far as it wants; it is just so many things, leaves and rocks and water, grains of sand, that happen to be here at this moment, as am I.

Josie sticks his nose in a turtle’s face.

I lay my hand on the turtle’s back.

After a summer away from the river due to a plague of mosquitoes and a ravaged path piled high with fallen and drifted branches and trees, it is nice to be back.

And then it’s home for snacks.

Wax . update. All the outlines for logical chapter sequence are out the window as they seem to have no influence. The candelilla wax story now follows the bayberry wax story, which I suppose makes sense in some way but just not in a way I had planned. In rewriting the candelilla story, my mind made a new connection:
So often the results of an Internet search feel like being thrown into a 1970’s shiny new, slick, generic, boring behemoth of a suburban shopping mall that traps you inside until you are lost and confused, standing there glassy-eyed staring at this candy-colored map that tells you “You are here,” a little dot amid all the crap, and all the good stuff—the museums, libraries, antique shops, resale shops, and just plain old quirky shops—are all downtown, where everybody’s afraid to go and the bus no longer runs.
I also spent a morning watching videos of candelilleros. [Extracción de Candelilla - UM Palomas (4:59) 2013 Jairo Ferniza; Candelilleros de Cuatro Ciénegas (13:32) 2012 Lorenzo A. López Barbosa; and Extracción de cera de candelilla de alta calidad (8:15) 2016 conaforgob (National Forestry Commission) are just a few.] And with the use of subtitles, I trimmed unwieldy chapter titles. Voilà!

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