Sunday, April 1, 2018

setting shadows free: camaraderie: scraps of march

Walking with Josie

flipping shadows

the trail got icy,
began flipping me.

The thrill, then, of being the coldest in the land.

From Tom Skilling’s weather page, Chicago Tribune digital edition, March 25, 2018.

And the thrill, too, of a stop along a track,
familiar, long gone by.
I stop.
It helps to keep me going.

I get on the track, join a March ramble.
A bit of Madness indeed.
Welcome young men, Welcome old nun, Welcome ye hobos and legends. Please tell me your stories and play me your tunes and bring me along in your revelry. Yes bring me along in your revelry.
Life is a poem
I heard a poet say.

Then one afternoon
the temperature soaring
it’s 52 degrees and sunny.

And the next afternoon
“Play Ball!”
reverberates o’er the land. (my land, your land)

The following afternoon
a first robin of spring
hopping across the yard.

And then
         and then the snow began.

         and yet the pig did bloom.

Rise up, they say, defeat or victory.
Rise up, young or old.
we seek your stories
for silence speaks
but too softly
can it be heard?
And one day Josie and I
will go walking

& the world will flip
by and by