Sunday, February 18, 2018

last call with coyotes

Josie’s last call for business is usually pretty quick, but last night the coyotes were talking. As soon as we stepped out the door onto the porch we heard them preaching their secrets. Josie became alert. Josie listened. Josie moved off the porch onto the frozen snow. He trotted a little this way, he trotted a little that way. His tail was up and rigid. His ears were up, his was nose up. Off to the southwest the coyotes yipped and howled. The coyotes barked. Josie tried to turn to business but could not. Suddenly he howled, he yipped, he barked. Barking and howling he ran down the luge track, our path, heading away from the light to the darkness. I called him back. He stopped and turned. He trotted atop the snow to the well-lit garden. He barked a bit more, howled once again. He lifted his leg, he peed on the Buddha.