Thursday, June 8, 2017

every button tells a story don’t it

here is my maternal grandmother, her mother, her brother
they crossed an ocean
came to america
went to work
went to school
worked hard
raised families
on & on

here is my father
saw the great depression
served in WWII
raised a family
worked hard
had fun
he was a journalist
he was an editor
a love for words
respect for words
on & on

here is my mother
you bet she persisted
thank god
women do

and here is my home
the ground i walk on
the air i breathe
the water i drink
more than a home
my world

& here is my humor
sorely tested, overworked, given so much fodder, too much fodder.
but the others.
he has demeaned, insulted, endangered them all
now, then
will do so again
on & on
life goes on

i am a person
an american citizen
looking for
fellow citizens

for kindred spirits
for kindred souls
for kinder hearts

for intellect

& the world i find
is full

Many thanks for an Etsy shop called Buttons for the People, where all these buttons I bought came from.

By the way, when’s the last time you heard someone complain: Boy, this net neutrality jazz really sucks! Anyone? Well, the head of the FCC, duly appointed by our president, Donald Trump, who dubs the free press an enemy, who demands loyalty or else: YOU’RE FIRED!, thinks net neutrality sucks. So he’s going to fix it. He is going to get rid of it. Perhaps you’ve heard it called a “regulation” so Hoo boy! That’s gotta go! Wrong. Net neutrality is what you enjoy every time you go online—it’s the freedom to mosey around unrestricted by your internet service provider. A lot of people and businesses like net neutrality, including Etsy, where I have a shop. Etsy has been encouraging me to write to the FCC chairman asking him not to repeal Title II of the Communications Act, in essence to plead for my continued ability to compete on the Internet, and it reminds me of how I have always been amazed that anyone ever found my small candle shop—let alone this unbeholden blog—in the first place. But, don’t worry, Trump will fix that. And this is totally unrelated, I’m sure, but did you know that 86% of Etsy shop owners are women?

So thanks again, Buttons for the People! Glad I found you. It was fun.