Sunday, November 29, 2015

the thankful poem (just another round of bad poetry, run while you can!)

too late, here we go ...

Josie says he’s thankful
for whatever comes his way.
Elliott says he’s thankful
for another lazy day.

I am thankful for the hat
this cold day makes me wear.
I am thankful for the ones
who seem always to be there.

In the field the deer is thankful
for not yet getting shot.
In the cabin we’re all thankful
that the fire is so hot.

deer in the field

I am thankful for the way
that life renews itself.
I am thankful for the books
that sit upon my shelf.

The chickadees are thankful
for their little song.
The crows caw their thanks, but for
what? all day long.

I’m thankful for the wind
and the pines and the sigh.
I’m thankful for the pens
lying handily nearby.

The river it seems thankful
for being ever-flowing.
The ground it seems so thankful
for its snow blanket growing.

snow scene

I’m thankful for the thump thump thump
of Josie’s tail.
I am thankful for the letters that
come in the mail.

My wrinkles they are thankful
they’re allowed just to be.
My eyes they are so thankful
for the specs that help them see.

I am thankful for the beeswax,
its essence and its smell.
I am thankful for the typewriter’s
little dingie bell.

The frost is thankful for the sun,
it sparkles like a jewel.
The moon is thankful for the dark,
I know it loves a duel.

I am thankful for the riches
that upon me seem to pour.
I am thankful for the feeling
that surely I need no more.

So let that be enough for now,
and I am thankful it’s the end.
Maybe come tomorrow
we can do it all again.

josie and elliott

Thanks for reading!