Sunday, May 24, 2015

when josie writes a poem

Josie: I feel a poem.
Me: What?
Josie: I feel a poem!
Me: Okay.
Josie: Write it down?
Me: Sure.
Josie: With pictures!
Me: Okay.

Me: Wait. Are you “gambling” or “gamboling”?
Josie: Yes. thump thump thump

Me: Wait … a minute. Oh, never mind.
Josie: thump thump thump

Me: Uh  …
Josie: What?
Me: “Swoon”? Again?
Josie: thump thump thump

Me: Uh …
Josie: What? What?
Me: Nothing. Nothing. Go on.
Josie: Where was I?
Me: Flying higher, higher than a kite can!
Josie: Yes.

Me:  sigh  
Josie: What?
Me: Nothin’.

Josie: thump thump thump
Me: So. The End?
Josie: Yes. thump thump thump What do you think?
Me: Well, now, Josie, I’m not one to know much about poetry, and you could hardly call me impartial, but …
Josie: Yes? Yes? thump thump thump
Me: Well, Josie, I love it.
Josie: Love is good?
Me: Love is good!
Elliott: Good grief.


  1. Silly Josie! I'm glad you had fun; tho the other way you should run. Listen to your mama when she shrills; for nothings worse than a mouthful of porkie pie quills! ~ P