Sunday, April 12, 2015

ode to a wagging tail

All I can think is that those sixteen, seventeen months between Buster and Josie, those mornings and nights and afternoons without a dog, must have been bleak and dark.

Have I told you that Josie wakes up every morning tail wagging? Thump thump thump. The first thing I hear. Thump thump thump. The first sensation. Thump thump thump. It doesn’t matter where we are, desert or seaside, mountain or valley, hot, cold, in the thick of somewhere or the thin of nowhere.

How else to greet the day?

Thump thump thump.

How else but with the wild expectations of movement, stillness, food, water, play, work, camaraderie, agency, surprises, remembrances, shut-eye—what more?

Thump thump thump.

What more?

So start—stretch, yawn, wag wag wag. Drag your belly along the ground.

Shall we go outside? wag wag wag.

Ah. Relief. wag wag wag What more? Cold and damp, snow falls. Pause, listen. Sniff. Hmmm. Different. New. Smells new. Fresh. wag wag wag Feels good. Oh! Inside! Warm! Feels good.


wag wag wag

When later the snow melts and the sun weakly shines wag wag wag we sit on the porch crossing one leg over the other so the flip-flop with shearling dangles and the creek gurgles and the creek bubbles and the creek wags its tail. Out in the fields Josie finds such good stuff wag wag wag and he sniffs at stuff wag wag wag and he picks and paws at stuff and eats some stuff wag wag wag (Josie! Stop that!) and he almost rolls in some stuff (JoSIE! No!) and he looks at me wag wag wag and then away he trots here and there and wag wag wag and does it even need to be mentioned

wag wag wag
that life is good.

Another day, warm and sunny, basking on the porch early evening. The porch chair comes out of the shed, unfolds, welcomes, accepts.
Blue sky, dog and cat, sun.


wag wag wag

Go for a run, a trot over here, a leap over there, wherever, the grass lies flat and the sun feels warm and a breeze whispers moving through,

Nibble this, nibble that. Run, leap, pause, doze.

What’s that?

Oh, nothing.
Over there?


wag wag wag


wag wag wag

So every day ends, every morning begins.
Like a heartbeat.
Thump thump thump.


  1. Aaaah, dogs know how to live in the moment. It's been over two years since I've had a thumping tail in my life. Haven't taken on a new pal because I worry that I'll be called home for the next parental illness which may or may not happen. Sigh, I need to learn to live in the moment! ~ P

    1. Well, travel I'm sure is easier without a pet, but the company can't be beat! I know what it's like living in anticipation of emergency. Not easy.