Saturday, June 21, 2014

flight delay, so thinking of rose marie

I guess it was Friday’s all-day, 50-degree rain that canceled my Saturday morning flight out of Hancock. Or maybe it wasn't the rain but the thick cloud of mosquitoes that the plane due to come in Friday night couldn’t get through. Whatever the reason, if the Friday night flight doesn’t make it in, there’s no plane to get you out Saturday morning. You get a midnight call telling you this. You wait for the next flight out, which is the Saturday afternoon flight, hoping, of course, that the midday flight makes it in. Braves the rain. Ignores the mosquitoes. So you have a plane. To get out.

So it is Saturday morning, still raining, 45 degrees, and I’m not going anywhere, yet. I take this time to wonder, once again, at what age Rose Marie was doing The Dick Van Dyke Show, playing Sally Rogers, a multi-talented, successful working woman, a comedy writer, whose big shtick is that she's dying to get married. She just can’t find a fella. For a while, there’s Herman Glimscher, but he comes packaged with his mother, who is a bit large, and Herman is kind of a marshmallow.

With nothing much else to do, I google Rose Marie and find out she was born August 15, 1923. So she would have turned 40 about the second or third season of the show.

After the fourth season, Marie’s husband, Bobby Guy, a trumpeter, died. On, in an interview on a page titled “Rose & the Rat Pack,” Marie talks about how hard his death was, how she did not want to return to Dick Van Dyke for the fifth season, and about a guest spot on The Dean Martin Show that she did not want to do. After her husband died, she said, she felt she could no longer sing. But she did. She returned for the fifth season of Dick Van Dyke and for Dean Martin she sang “Little Girl Blue.”

The Dick Van Dyke Show makes me laugh, over and over again. And it seems to me that Sally Rogers—or is it Rose Marie?—is quite an interesting woman.