Sunday, April 6, 2014

now back to our regularly scheduled program: snow!

Saturday morning
The snow is a beast and I suppose a burden but I see the beauty in it.

Saturday morning looking northwest from the porch to the river.

The sky is clear, the air is still, the temperature barely above zero.

Elliott coming and going. Believe me, he did not go far.

Saturday afternoon
A walk to the river. Thursday I tried and every third step sunk a foot, maybe two, maybe three. Up to my knees. But today, just a few inches. The snow that sticks to the snowshoes is a lead weight.

Looking north across the river. Not my tracks!

The edge of the river softens, the sun is warm, there is a slight breeze. Temperature in the forties.

Saturday evening
The snow puckers, slides off the roof with great elan, drips, crashes, shrinks, evaporates, recedes, melts, even (maybe) disappears.

Saturday evening looking northwest from the porch to the river.

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