Sunday, October 27, 2013

the snows of october

It snows overnight, and in the morning
when I wake up
the world is white.
Over the course of the day, the snow melts away
and even if it snows a little more,
it does not stay. The grass is green,
rather a bore.
The amber and orange and lemony
of the maple and beech and papery
look drab, unexcited. A little old, maybe.
But hanging on.

In the morning, with a lace of snow, it all looks
a little dressed up, as if
trying on clothes for the holidays.
For the parties
with fancy hors d’oeuvres.
For the masses
at midnight.
For the hanging out
at the mall.
Take your pick or
do it all.
It will all look a bit better,
won’t it?
wrapped up
in a little
With a little
behind its ear.

Wait! It’s only Halloween! Don’t start on that holiday crap already!
But I do not start.
It is the snow that falls, not me.
I follow. And there
it leads.

There was a day when
the sun shone,
the snow fell,
the leaves hung on,
all at once.
And the cool air,
as my mother would say,
was invigorating.

Your cheeks are so rosy.

Then it rained.

All week long
the ever-changing sky
with its clouds
and its plans
had me awaiting
each surprise
made each moment
from the next.
And different
the moment
I expected.

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  1. Very nice....following along as you move through all these phases of, it's, it's fall again! Like your mother's approach.