Sunday, December 30, 2012

a pea-picklin’ end to 2012

Saturday, December 29
Starting Sunday’s post right now because I want to capture the sky. On the horizon is a low bank of clouds that has been there all day and, at this moment, is a soft, suede-like grey-blue. The clear sky above is pale yellow, reaching up then through a full range of robin’s egg blue, interrupted only by a jagged wedge of cloud that is, again, that suede grey but with a slight lower lip of pink. And this is just to the south. Impossible to hold on to as even now, it has changed.

Early now. Head ajumble with pressure, the year’s end. Not the overt pressure to drink, be merry, toot a horn and sing hallelujah with a chorus, but the more subtle pressure to look back, be reflective, and to look ahead, be resolute; the pressure that causes us to codify our lives and make lists of The Best, The Worse, and What I Will Do Next Year To Make My Life Better. Since I am reflective too much of the time and too many times have been fooled by thinking plans make for happy endings, well, it seems folly to set aside time for such activity. Still, I make lists …

2012 Word of the Year: Squally

Tweet of the Year

Things I Had Thought About for Years, Accepted I Would Never Do, Then Suddenly Did
  • Created an Etsy shop
  • Made hand-dipped beeswax tapers

Things I Didn’t Plan At All, Happened Anyway
  • Changed the name of the beeswax business, created a new website/blog and began writing for it on a weekly basis
  • Got on the Twitter train
  • Made two candle molds (botched three)
  • Got a cat
  • Got my mother’s piano
  • Got an abscessed tooth and a root canal
  • Threw cinnamon in the beeswax 

Things I Thought I Would Do But Didn’t
  • Win a million bucks in the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes

Things I Had Hoped To Do and Actually Did
  • Put a railing on the upper deck
  • Made a closet for the bedroom loft out of two old doors, a wooden rod, and some old, free-standing shelving
  • Constructed shelving in the bathroom for light bulbs, tools, mouse traps, nails and screws, twine and tape, batteries and extension cords, vacuum cleaner bags, assorted junk, and down below, a litter box
  • Sold beeswax candles at the Marquette Farmers Market most every Saturday, end of May through a week or so ago

Things That Worked Out Though I Couldn’t See How They Would Until They Did
  • Buster going with me to the farmers market every Saturday (but one)
  • Finding space for all my stuff in a home with no closets
  • Living comfortably in a drafty old cabin that still gives splinters …

There is more, all the nuance, all the oblique, but today I am anxious to complete a slight restructuring of the beeswax closet that began yesterday, with the addition of a shelf, which led me to see that if I took out the boards that make a shelf behind the microwave (necessitating sorting through all the junk on that shelf), and then cut down one of those boards to add to the shelf just made, increasing its depth, and then added another shelf above it … well, as you can see, there is much to do. The beeswax closet is an odd space tucked below the stairs, open to the kitchen but its narrowing depths accessible only through a hobbit-like door that opens into the living room. It is the center of this 20-by-25-foot cabin, and it grabbed my imagination the moment I walked in.

The door.

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