Thursday, August 30, 2012

flies and things: a thursday compendium

Trouble with Things
I've been having trouble with things this past week, mostly breaking them, dropping them, catching them in odd places, but mostly and most sadly, witnessing the demise of the frog jar.

Frog Jar Then
The frog jar, made by my sister Penny, was written about here, but in short, it has been a faithful companion for many years, especially at the farmers market. Now, we're done. As I was loading the van after Saturday's market, the frog jar fell out the side door. I'm not sure how it happened (observation: when you're having trouble with things, it is often hard to see where the trouble is coming from), but I do know I was putting the tent in the back of the van when I heard pottery hit concrete.

The jar has broken and been mended before, so I figured I would mend it again, but when I brought the jar in from the van it dropped onto the porch, smashed to smithereens, and that makes the vacuum cord getting caught between my toes and my flip-flop, the handle breaking off a mug, and my falling off a short step ladder into a chair as I vacuumed cluster flies off a window hardly worth mentioning.

Frog Jar Now

The Return of the Cluster Flies
Cluster flies returned August 21. Last year, my first summer in this house, I had a gadzillion cluster flies and way too many wasps zipping around inside most of August and September, though honestly, the flies do tend to stay clustered on the windows, particularly the sunny ones. I'm happy to report that this year, so far, the flies are much diminished and the wasps are staying outside. This short video of a cluster fly spinning on its back is from Spring 2011.

Waxing on
I've added new links to the Waxing on page, including one for honeybee enthusiasts in the U.P. (that's the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, of course). If you've never seen a beekeeper in snowshoes, check it out.

Going to Surf City!
The Etsy shop goes on vacation today as I head out to California to see family. Upon my return, I'll get more candles and ornaments listed.

{Thanks for visiting! I've been keeping a blog since 2008 - it only took me four years to get regular! Sunday posts are about my beeswax business and life in a log cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Thursdays are for lists of sorts. Perhaps you'll join me.}

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